All good shepherds have a very good sheepdog to keep track of us. We like to linger longer in some areas so the dogs make us move to new pastures. Sometimes we wander off, and the dogs find us. Sometimes a baby gets left behind, and the dog will guide the shepherd to the lost lamb. The dog is kinda like a friend. We like friends.

Favorite pastures

I like the first snow in the valley pastures.  There are still grasses left to eat and the ground is still warm from autumn sun.  But my very favorite pastures are the bright green ones found in spring and summer.  A  green pasture means lots of food!  And, the ground smells so fresh and clean.  I really like it when the sheperds have us lounge about in green pastures!

Our Youngsters

Baby sheep are called lambs.  They are soooo cute.  And, like human babies, they need alot of attention.  Shepherds often carry them in sheep bags that look just like your mom’s shoulder bags!  Really!  Some lambs need baby bottle feedings, too.   Baaaahh……

My name is FELLS

I was named after the rocky pastures where I am often left to graze during the summers.  My name, Fells, is a very old word.  But some people still use it to describe land that is dotted with rocks.  I think I am much too old to lay down and sleep on rocks.  Rocks hurt.