Sometimes the dogs come up behind us, crawling on their tummys.  They think that we only see their eyes.  The dogs pretend to be a wolf or cayote.  They do this to get us to move to a new area. Sometimes they do this to move us away from real danger.   We usually move.  But, we know our dogs.  They can’t pull the wool over our eyes!


Our wool becomes fabric, which then gets sewn into something that people wear.  Wool is used in suits, coats, and highly fashionable women’s clothing.  Sometimes people pay plenty of money for our wool.  Some years, however, it can be difficult for a sheepherder and rancher to sell the wool for a good price.  There are some years when wool is not very fashionable.  We like fashion.  It’s wooolly good fun!


Every year, a very large group of  sheep get to come down from the hills and parade through downtown Ketchum, Idaho.  The shepherd and a large number of photographers trail along behind us.  Our friends the dogs, keep us on the main road. Lots of people come to watch our sheep parade. Parades are fun!


Sometimes we get to play in a field event called sheep dog trials.  Our friends, the dogs, compete against each other to test their sheepherding skills.  The dogs have to herd us through a course of events.  The dog who gets us to go, where he wants us to go, the fastest, can win a nice prize.