About kathleenspasture

Writing and creating original artwork for children's book. I work in watercolors. I have written three unpublished novels. I make my living as a self-employed personal assistant.


Many sheepherders in Idaho use a traditional sheepherders wagon as their trailer. Camping out near the grazing pastures of their sheep, the herd person can keep watch and have a dry place to sleep.  The wagons  hold alot of supplies, food, water and a comfortable bed.  Shepherds don’t like to sleep on the hard rocky ground.

Fells’ Favorite Landmarks

There is the best fence in Ketchum.  I sometimes get to see in on the annual sheep parade.  It is old and broken, but still standing up.  Lovely wildflowers grow around it in the spring.  It is just the coolest old fence anywhere.  Do you have a favorite landmark?  Is it interesting to look at in different seasons of the year?

There once was a sheep in New Zealand

We have stories that get passed on from one generation to the next.  Our favorite is about a sheep in New Zealand who never got a “shearing”.  His wool kept growing and growing until it was so heavy that he could no longer stand under the weight of his own coat.  Finally, seventy pounds of wool was sheared off him.  That’s the weight of an average fourth grader!


Sheep and people who live around Sun Valley get to enjoy glorious star filled skies on clear-skied evenings.  No, not movie stars floating around in the sky, silly goose.  REAL STARS.!!

 We live in a region where there is very little light coming from buildings and outdoor street lights at night.  It is easier to see all the visible stars in the sky when there is no light around us  Sometimes we see a shooting star  Have you ever seen a shooting star? We love looking at the real stars in the night sky with our family and friends.  It makes us feel calm and loved