Sheep and people who live around Sun Valley get to enjoy glorious star filled skies on clear-skied evenings.  No, not movie stars floating around in the sky, silly goose.  REAL STARS.!!

 We live in a region where there is very little light coming from buildings and outdoor street lights at night.  It is easier to see all the visible stars in the sky when there is no light around us  Sometimes we see a shooting star  Have you ever seen a shooting star? We love looking at the real stars in the night sky with our family and friends.  It makes us feel calm and loved


Sometimes the dogs come up behind us, crawling on their tummys.  They think that we only see their eyes.  The dogs pretend to be a wolf or cayote.  They do this to get us to move to a new area. Sometimes they do this to move us away from real danger.   We usually move.  But, we know our dogs.  They can’t pull the wool over our eyes!


Sometimes we get to play in a field event called sheep dog trials.  Our friends, the dogs, compete against each other to test their sheepherding skills.  The dogs have to herd us through a course of events.  The dog who gets us to go, where he wants us to go, the fastest, can win a nice prize.    



You Know How To Whistle…

When the shepherd is in the field with us, and wants to move us to a new pasture,  we will hear the shepherd whistle.  The whistle is a command the dog understands.  Each whistle is different.  There are short whistles, long whistles, very musical whistles, and single, double or triple whistles.  Whistles are a language shared by the shepherd and the dogs.  Can you whistle?